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Unless Otherwise Specified, Middleton Men’s Softball Follows ASA Slow-pitch Rules.

1. We are all friends and neighbors of the Middleton Community. Please strive for balanced level
of competitiveness while maintaining level of fun and enjoyment for all participants.


2. Bat Policy- Only USA Softball or the old label ASA Certified bats (2000 or 2004 Certification Mark) to be used for Middleton Men’s
Softball League play. See USA Website for list of legal and illegal bats

Illegal bats will be listed on an USA non approved list.

In the event that a bat is deemed illegal by the umpire during a game for a label/certification mark violation the following rules shall apply:

a.) From the Official USA Softball Rule Book which our league is based upon:

When discovered using an illegal bat after completing their turn at bat and before the next pitch, legal or illegal.

Effect: 1. The batter is Out. 2 All Outs Stand. 3. All other runners return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch.

Note - Section 6B-E: If a previous batter has used the same Altered, Non-Approved or illegal bat and a pitch, legal or illegal, has been throw, the current batter is out

b.) - 1st Offense - Game Rule - Bat is removed from the game, the Batter and a team manager is ejected from the game. If a player(s) is ejected from the game, their batting spot in the order is an automatic out for the remainder of the game.

1st Offense - Player Rule - Batter and a team manager is automatically suspended for the next game with no right to appeal.

c.) 2nd Offense - Same Game rule as 1st Offense, Player's future participation is reviewed by the Board for supplementary discipline/suspension.

d.) 3rd Offense -  Same Game rule as 1st Offense - Player will be removed from the league.

3. Each team to supply one “new” ball (Dudley SB-12 ASA Stamped .44 Cor / .375 lbs) to
umpire at start of each game. At-Bat team is responsible to retrieve all balls hit out of play. At-
Bat team is responsible to replace first unretrieved ball, opposition team 2nd ball, then
alternating…….. Replacement balls must be approved by umpire.

4. Pitching will be standard ASA Slow-pitch regulations. Arc between 6 Ft & 12 Ft (Umpire
Judgment). Standard ASA Count for Balls & Strikes : 4 Balls = Walk and 3 Strikes = Strike
Out. 3rd strike foul is a strike out. After 2 strikes on a batter, any batted ball which is ruled foul
counts as a strike out (ASA Rule).

5. No alcohol allowed by players before or during games (ASA Rule). No open alcohol containers
(including spectators) allowed at any softball fields on school grounds.

6. No metal spikes/cleats allowed

7.  Managers should work hard NOT to FORFEIT games.  In some situations, managers may need
to call/email ahead of time to make sure they have enough players. Work with opposition
manager to utilize allowable players from other Middleton Team(s) so that game can be played if
short players. Due to insurance regulations, only registered players may participate in games.


The Middleton Men’s Softball League Rules Listed Below Supersede ASA Slow-pitch Rules:

8. Teams will defensively field a maximum of 10 players (ASA Rule) and a minimum of 8.
All players, including pitchers, can switch field positions or sit out and re-enter at any time
during a game. It is preferable to have all fielding switches occur at start of inning.

  9. If team has less than 8 total players or 7 rostered players the game is forfeited. If a forfeit occurs, teams are encouraged to play a ‘friendly game”.

(Updated June 2021)

10.  15 Run Mercy rule after 5 innings or 4 ½ with home team ahead. Teams are encouraged to
finish all games if possible. 12 run mercy rule after 6 or 5 ½ with home team ahead. The
playoffs have the same Mercy rule as the regular season. We will not go by ASA rule, as far as
Mercy rule. The home team gets last at bat, if needed.

11. If player is ejected from game by umpire, ejection will also count as an out for that team.

(Next AB: player ejected). Subsequent at-bats for ejected player : automatic out.

12. Any player ejected from game by umpire for behavior issues will be subject to a one game
suspension (next game). It is up to discretion of Team Managers (majority vote) for suspension
waiver initiated by suspended player’s team manager.

13. No substitute players allowed in playoffs.

14. No intentional walks

Playing Time

14. Every ‘healthy’ team member in attendance will bat and be included in the batting order for the
entire game. (Injury/Personal Leave – Exclusion).

15. Late players to be added to bottom of line-up based upon arrival. If substitute player from
another team is being utilized, they can be superseded in line-up by late arrival player or
replacement player can continue to play (Manager’s Option).

16. Each ‘healthy’ team member in attendance must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field.

17. Base runners: 


Courteous runners are allowed – Three players maximum/inning. The player who represents
the previous/last out is the courteous runner. If that player is unavailable, then previous out.


No stealing or leading. Baserunners advance upon batter contact with ball. (ASA Rule).


For ‘plays’ at 1 st Base, runner contacts orange section of 1 st base, fielder contacts white portion
of 1 st base. When no play at 1 st , runner is allowed to contact white portion of base.

Baserunners must avoid contact with fielder at any base, including home, if play is expected.
Runner will be called out (and possibly ejected from game) if collision with fielder in
possession or imminent possession of ball (ASA Rule). Sliding is encouraged to avoid collisions
but please slide in control with cleats, elbows, etc, down. No takeout slides.


Fielders should give way to bases and basepaths when no play in the area. No fake tags.


18. Game Time Limit:


Teams given a 10 minute grace period from scheduled start of game to field a team. After that, game is forfeited

Extra Innings in event of a tie game are allowed. Tie games should not extend more than 10 minutes into next game scheduled time slot.


Games can end with tie score.

 Regularly scheduled game = 7 innings.


Game becomes official after 5 complete innings (or 4½ with home team ahead).


Late PM game can be concluded early due to darkness (umpire discretion) or extended as needed (Time Limit Waived).

 Pitchers should limit themselves to four warm-up pitches between innings.  Teams should limitamount of time between innings.


19. Rain Outs

For the first game of day, team managers should work with League Scheduler to decide if games
are to be played on that day. League Scheduler or designee MUST contact Umpire-Director, to cancel umpire for first game
or entire day. Umpire needs to be notified of Cancellations else they are paid.
Team Managers should work with League Scheduler to schedule Make-Up Time/Day


20. Player Movement

Trading players from one team to another is not allowed
No player may switch teams once the season has commenced
If a player decides to leave his current team to play for another team, that player must
participate in the upcoming tryout and be available to any team in draft.

 For any ‘A’ level player (Top 10 league player) leaving his current team and re-
entering draft, the team forfeiting ‘A’ level player will be awarded next year’s first
round pick from team selecting transferring ‘A’ player.

‘B’ level players (11-30) will cost 2 nd round pick 

21. Playoffs:






(EX. 1 VS 4 ; 2 VS 3)


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